Permit Types

Event in Right-of-Way Permit - Town of Ingersoll ($250.00)

An Event in Right-of-Way Permit (Event ROW) is required when an event requires the occupation and disruption of traffic within a road authority’s right-of-way’s, including roads, sidewalks, trails and paths.

Permit applications may be made to one or more road authorities with this service (coming soon).

Municipal Consent - Town of Ingersoll

Municipal Consent is the municipality’s authorization for a utility to occupy a specific location(s) within the municipalities right-of-way. Municipal Consent will only be issued to utility companies, commissions, agencies, other municipalities, or private applicants who have a municipal access agreement with the municipality applied to. The project of adding or modifying the plant is often subject to a Work in Right-of-Way permit.

Work in Right-of-Way Permit - Town of Ingersoll ($100 + HST)

A Work in Right-of-Way Permit relates to any activity that results in traffic disruption, including bins, materials and equipment blocking lanes, or the cutting, excavation, boring, filling, additions, or altering in any way, roadways, curbs, sidewalks, boulevards, ditches, trails, and other areas within the right-of-way. A traffic plan in compliance with the Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM), Book 7, Temporary Conditions for traffic plan instructions, may be required.

Application may be made to multiple road authorities with this service (e.g., county road, town sidewalk), by selecting the Multi-Jurisdiction option (coming soon).
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